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Welcome to the official website of BIBAI FOOD-FARMING-ART ACTIVATION ASSOCIATION (bibai-ffa).

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Bibai is located almost at the midpoint between Sapporo and Asahikawa, first and second largest cities in Hokkaido, Japan. Bibai station has limited express trains “Kamui” and “Lilac” which connect Sapporo and Asahikawa, leaving almost every 30 to 60 minutes. Hokkaido Expressway and National Route 12 run through the city and the city is highly accessible both by train and car.


hokkaido /bibai-ffa
From Sapporo:
  By car
    60 minutes (when travelling by Hokkaido Expressway)
    90 minutes (when travelling by National Route and local roads)
  By train
    35 minutes from JR Sapporo Station
From Asahikawa:
  By car
    60 minutes (when travelling by Hokkaido Expressway)
    100 minutes (when travelling by National Route and local roads)
  By train
    50 minutes JR Asahikawa Station
From Furano:
  By car
    80 minutes (travel by National Route and local roads)
From New Chitose Airport:
  By car
    80 minutes (travel by National Route and local roads)
  By train
    90 minutes from JR New Chitose Airport Station (change train at Sapporo Station)


Cafe Stoven /Kazufumi Yamada

Bibai provides great places to eat and drink. Enjoy your hearty and relaxing FOOD experiences from homemade treats in cozy cafes to locals’ favourite dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients and the best local produce available in casual restaurants around the town.


Rice field, Bibai /bibai-ffa

Eastern part of Bibai offers a view of hills and mountains, while the western offers countryside and FARMING landscape. When you travel around by car, taking those scenic routes are highly recommended for a rural escape. Be sure to bring your binoculars when you visit Miyajima-numa lake in spring and in autumn; astounding number of waterfowls like geese and swans visit the lake as a stopover point every year. The lake is designated as an internationally important wetland site protected under the Ramsar convention.

Artepiazza Bibai/artepiazza bibai

Sorachi of Hokkaido, of which Bibai is a part, had been flourished as the region of the “Black Diamond” – coals. The building of the gallery of Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai was formerly a part of an elementary school of coal-mining area and now the museum is the best destination for ART lovers from all over the world and also for visitors seeking a calm and nostalgic holiday.

Mitsubishi-Bibai Coal Mine /bibai-ffa


Representative: Kenichi ISODA (representative of Certified Non-profit Organization Arte Piazza Bibai)
Vice-Representative: Sadamu KISHI (representative of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Bibai)
Vice-Representative: Masayoshi HAYASHI (representative of BIBAI DRIVING SCHOOL)
Auditor: Tsukasa MURAKAMI (executive secretary of Bibai Tourism & Produces Association)
Address: c/o Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai, Sakae-machi, Ochiai-cho, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan



Name: Certified Non-profit Organization Arte Piazza Bibai
Representative: Kenichi ISODA
Address: Hon-cho, Ochiai-cho, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Website: Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum Arte Piazza Bibai


Representative: Masayoshi HAYASHI
Address: Aza-bibai 1443-14, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
              BIJIKO KANKO BUS
              BIJIKO TOURS


Name: Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Bibai
Representative: Sadamu KISHI
Address: 2-1, Kita 1-chome, Higashi 1-jyo, Odori, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Website: Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Bibai (JA Bibai)


Name: Sadahiro Farm
Representative: Kiyoshi SADAHIRO
Address: Shintoku-cho 2-ku, Bibai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Website: Sadahiro Farm